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Construction material recycling means converting the biggest European waste flow into valuable products of circular economy in construction. European targets demand to increase the rate of utilizing residual construction masses to 70 % - this is to be achieved with meeting the respective demands on the quality to thus supply again high-quality recycled construction materials to the construction process, according to Manfred Wierichs, President of the European Quality Association for Recycling (EQAR).
At the forthcoming meeting to be held in Vienna/Austria on March 22, 2018 the construction material recycling subjects will be discussed considering new demands:
Thus, by new legal regulations the European Commission demands that all wastes should not show a potential ecotoxicity when being utilised. A "C&D Waste Management Protocol" only prepared last year, i.e. a report on demolition wastes from construction and their utilization, contains targets and proposals on how to achieve this high recycling target in Europe as quickly as possible. In addition to these subjects also the effects of steering fees, i. e. a financial steering instrument to increase the utilization incentive, by means of an example of a member state, are presented.
Th EQAR-Congress on „Construction Material Recycling“ will take place in Vienna/Austria in 2018 - simultaneous translation for German/English will be provided.
In the framework of a technical meeting to be held on March 22, 2018 the following innovations will be discussed:
How can a new demand relating to ecotoxicity be answered for recycled construction materials`?
Was there already experience made and success achieved for the "Construction and Demolition Waste Management Protocol"?
How can a financial charge which as steering fee is to give preference to utilization create incentives to increase the rate of utilization?

The representatives of the EU Commission, the construction material recycling branch from various European countries and further experts will give answers. The breaks and joint meetings in the evening will provide sufficient opportunities also for networking.
As a Europe-wide organization EQAR supports construction material recycling and by means of best cases gives support also to those member states of EQAR which, first of all, have to gain experience on this subject. The Technical committee of EQAR discusses the possibilities and created a European Quality Label to secure the quality of recycled construction materials which is awarded if it is regularly confirmed by means of independent construction material tests that the member state meets the legal demands applicable there or – if they do not exist – the minimum demands.
An EQAR-award is also presented at periodical intervals pricing best cases and putting the focus on them - the next time the award will be presented on March 22, 2018. The invitation to apply for this award you will find in Please note that the deadline is extended until January 30, 2018.

EQAR-Congress 2016

On 23 September 2016 in Bratislava the EQAR-Congress titled "Construction Material Recycling in Europe" will take place. The status and development of the European building materials recycling will be discussed with representatives from the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Science and the recycling sector. Solutions for achieving a recycling economy in the European construction sector are in the focus. Congress languages (with simultaneous translation) are German, English and Slovak.

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During our EQAR-Congress there is some space in the hotel location for exhibitors available. Exhibiting companies can get in touch with qualified European visitors during the congress. The EQAR charges € 150.00 (plus 19 % VAT) per meter exhibition space (at a depth of up to one meter). If you wish to book an EQAR-Congress exhibition area, please contact us.

The tender for the EQAR-Award 2016, assign at the EQAR Congress, can be found here.