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Wednesday, 1 June 2022 - Munich

EQAR (European Quality Association for Recycling e.V.) is organising a congress on 1 June 2022 with the theme "Building Materials Recycling 2030" as part of the International Trade Fair IFAT in Munich.

Topics of this event will be:

- Tendering and awarding of contracts for recycled building materials: Best Practice
- Resource conservation and the use of recycled materials
- Construction products regulation as a driver of the circular economy

The combination with a visit to IFAT, the world's leading trade fair for environmental technologies, makes the EQAR Congress an easily accessible meeting with industry colleagues from the recycling sector.

Recycling building materials in every construction project

The use of circular economy products should already be considered in the planning stage - best practice examples from Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany show the way to sustainable procurement: Every building project should be put out to tender in such a way that quality-assured recycled building materials are used. This not only stimulates the circular economy in the construction industry, but also decisively reduces the largest waste stream, namely excavated materials and construction waste. And this is also the goal of the EU's "Green Deal".

Conserving resources through the use of recycled building materials

Landfills should be conserved as much as possible in order to extend their remaining life. At the same time, natural deposits must be preserved as a source of raw materials for future generations. Both goals can be supported by processing construction waste into high-quality building materials. Presentations by international specialists will show ways to use asphalt and concrete in a high-quality way and even to enable multiple recycling. In addition to conserving resources, this is also a contribution to climate protection!

Construction Products Ordinance as a driver of the circular economy
Construction materials are largely subject to the EU's Construction Products Regulation. The use of recycled building materials is already mandatory in the basic requirements of this European regulation. However, the implementation in the individual national states is still open. In a panel discussion, European representatives will discuss improvements within the framework of an amendment to the OPA.
Journalists can of course register for this event free of charge!