Info-Center - Sustainability needs recycling in assured quality


Sustainable building means to think about an economy which is largely CO2 neutral recycling economy. Therefore mineral demolution waste is to regard as resource, which becomes a precious product by high quality recycling

The fields of application of recycled building materials are wide-ranging. So far recycled building materials have been used in the construction of roads and sports grounds, parking areas, for noise protection walls, earth banks and in landscape construction. Yet, they are also increasingly used as aggregates in the concrete and stone production.

By controlling the quality of recycled building materials on the basis of technological test criteria a high quality and an excellent suitability of them are ensured. The issues of soil and drinking water protection are, of course, also considered.

In 1998 pollution limits for drinking water requiring a respective protection of groundwater were fixed in the EU Drinking Water Directive.

Against this background only quality-assured recycled building materials which were checked for their environmental compatibility may be used in road construction and civil engineering. EQAR supports a high quality of quality-controlled recycled building materials in the sense of environmental and resources protection.

The longstanding experience and high competence of our European member associations and companies are concentrated in EQAR. EQAR aims at promoting and spreading a high-quality processing of waste into recycled building materials in the sense of the environment. We shall be pleased to inform and advise you on all problems associated with recycling of building materials.

EQAR awards the EQAR quality label for a quality control system in conformity with the EQAR Quality Directive to their national member associations and companies: