European Quality Association for Recycling e.V. (EQAR)

The European Quality Association for Recycling eV (EQAR) is the European Federation of National Güteschutzorganisationen and producers of quality-controlled recycling materials from the EU member countries.

In accordance with undertakings made by the founding members are the Association Statute

  • Promotion of international cooperation and exchange of experience between national Güteschutzorganisationen and its members and the
  • Know-how transfer and
  • Support for spreading the idea to Güteschutz and quality control in the recycling materials at the European level

in the center of the associations activities.
To achieve its goals professed by the EQAR in complete consensus on the federal rules for cooperative working with other building and construction materials recycling-relevant international organizations.

The Association's membership is open to both establish national, transnational quality and quality associations, businesses, the quality-controlled products, and openly supporting members.